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本文摘要:A company that offers consumers Internet service via satellite is introducing unlimited high-speed connections that it says are as speedy as plans from ATT and Comcast.近日,美国一家卫星互联网服务公司称之为,该公司将要发售无限高速网际网路服务,且网速将从不远逊ATT和康卡斯特等网络运营商的服务。

A company that offers consumers Internet service via satellite is introducing unlimited high-speed connections that it says are as speedy as plans from ATT and Comcast.近日,美国一家卫星互联网服务公司称之为,该公司将要发售无限高速网际网路服务,且网速将从不远逊ATT和康卡斯特等网络运营商的服务。Viasat, the company offering the Internet service, is charging $150 a month for its fastest plan of up to 100 megabits per second. Customers who sign up for a two-year deal wont have to pay for satellite dish installation and related costs.这家卫星互联网服务公司名为Viasat,其最慢网速套餐每月收费150美元,网速可约每秒100兆。

签定两年合约的用户需要缴纳卫星接收器费用等涉及成本。The fastest Internet speeds will also only be available to people living in metropolitan areas as opposed to more rural areas, although existing customers will be able to choose faster Internet services than they currently have.目前只有居住于在都市圈的用户才能享用到该公司的最低网速服务,居住于在较偏远区域的用户有可能还要等候一段时间,不过现有用户还是能自由选择比现有网速更慢的服务。

Viasats price is higher than the typical Earth-based Internet service provider like Comcast, which charges an introductory price of $50 a month for 150 MPS Internet service. However, that price likely increases after the promotional period ends.与普通的地面互联网服务提供商比起,Viasat的价格似乎是较为低的。拿康卡斯特公司为事例,该公司每秒150兆的互联网服务的“建议价格”仅有为每月50美元。


不过随着推展期的完结,这个价格也很可能会下调。The companys new satellite Internet service is born from a satellite it sent to space in June.Viasat的卫星互联网服务主要基于一颗去年六月升空升空的卫星。Although it already sells unlimited Internet service, the company claims that its newer ViaSat-2 satellite will boost the speed of its service.虽然它目前的服务早已不缩流量了,不过该公司回应,它近期的Viasat-2卫星还将进一步提高该服务的网速。

But there are tradeoffs to satellite Internet service. For example, customers are more likely to experience latency issues with satellite web services that could cause online video games to stutter or streaming video to suddenly lower in quality to compensate.不过现阶段的卫星互联网服务也并非十全十美。比起地基服务,卫星互联网服务更容易经常出现延后问题,有可能造成在线视频播出卡顿,或是画质忽然上升等。However, Viasats new, faster Internet service shows that advances in satellite technology are improving the quality of Internet services to Earth from space.不过Viasat公司这一改版、更慢的互联网服务指出,卫星技术的变革正在提高天基互联网服务的质量。

Thats likely one reason the Elon Musk-led SpaceX is exploring delivering Internet services through satellites.这很有可能也是伊隆·马斯克的SpaceX公司为什么也要通过卫星获取互联网服务的一个原因。SpaceX is looking to launch several small satellites into a lower orbit than Viasat in order to cut down on latency errors, with the idea being the closer a satellite is to Earth, the less likely there will be hiccups.为了解决问题延后问题,SpaceX可能会升空多颗小型卫星,在比Viasat更加较低的轨道上运营。因为卫星离地面越近,再次发生延后的可能性就就越较低。Viasat CEO Mark Dankberg believes that its unlikely that the kinds of smaller satellites that companies like SpaceX or rival OneWeb are looking to deploy in low orbit will be able to offer Internet speeds that are as fast as the bigger satellites in higher orbit.Viasat公司的CEO马克·丹克伯格则指出,SpaceX或OneWeb等竞争公司升空的小型较低轨卫星的网速不太可能跟上较高轨道上的大型卫星。

Its not obvious having lots of small satellites is better than having a big satellite, he said. Ultimately, time will tell which one delivers the best.他回应:“多个小型卫星否一定好于单个大型卫星,现在还说道不许。最后,时间不会证明哪种方法的效果最差。”Viasat originally signed a contract with SpaceX to launch its ViaSat 2 satellite into space via SpaceXs Falcon Heavy rocket. But because SpaceX delayed the rockets launch, Viasat ended up sending the satellite aloft with the help of Arianespace.Viasat公司原本已与SpaceX签定了卫星升空合约,计划利用后者的“猎鹰”重型火箭升空它的ViaSat 2卫星。

不过由于SpaceX延期了升空日程,Viasat最后自由选择了雅利安太空公司协助其发射卫星。Asked about Viasats contract with SpaceX, Dankberg said were still evaluating it and that the company has not made any decisions about future satellite launches.在问及与SpaceX公司的合约时,丹克伯格回应:“我们还在展开评估。”并回应该公司对未来的卫星升空仍未作出任何要求。


SpaceXs decision to possibly create a satellite Internet service shows that the company is expanding its business beyond simply launching other companys cargo into space.SpaceX或将创建卫星互联网服务的要求,指出该公司早已仍然符合于意味着将其他公司的货物运往太空。Of course, this may create more tenuous relationships between SpaceX and its customers, which Dankberg acknowledged.当然,此举也将导致SpaceX与其客户公司的关系渐趋紧绷,丹克伯格也坦诚否认了这一点。I think thats a fair observation, Dankberg said.丹克伯格说:“我指出这个仔细观察是精确的。



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