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本文摘要:If you’ve been searching for a reason to pick up that latest gadget, then what better time than Christmas? There’s no shortage of innovative, forward-thinking and *futuristic products on the market today, as technology takes center stage on many people’s festive wish lists. 如果你正在去找理由售予一些近期的高科技硬件,还有什么时机比圣诞节更佳呢?

If you’ve been searching for a reason to pick up that latest gadget, then what better time than Christmas? There’s no shortage of innovative, forward-thinking and *futuristic products on the market today, as technology takes center stage on many people’s festive wish lists. 如果你正在去找理由售予一些近期的高科技硬件,还有什么时机比圣诞节更佳呢?现今市场上少有创意、前端又未来派的产品,而科技产品也占有了许多人节日礼物心愿单的中心方位。Here, we offer a festive gadget guide that will help you take a closer look at four of tech’s hottest categories.我们在此获取一份假日数码小产品指南,老大你更加确切地理解以下四种最疯狂的数码产品。Virtual realityVR头显Probably the most exciting tech development of recent times, virtual reality (VR) has arrived, with *ample options available to the consumer who’s searching for an extra dose of high-tech fun this Christmas. 虚拟现实(VR)也许是近期最激动人心的科技发展潮流了,而它也为想在今年圣诞节来点额外高科技体验的顾客们获取了多种多样的自由选择。The cheapest way to get a high-end VR experience comes courtesy of Sony. 想享用高端的VR体验,最低廉的方法来自于索尼公司。


Its PlayStation VR doesn’t require a tricked-out PC or expensive phone – it works with the Playstation 4 console and comes with a few great games in its library. 它的PlayStation VR需要奢华配备的电脑或是便宜的手机 —— 它能在Playstation 4游戏机上运营,并自带一些超棒的游戏。There are some accessories you can purchase to enhance the experience, but if you’ve already got a PS4 you can enter the world of VR for just $400 (2780 yuan). 你还可以卖一些其他的配件来提高游戏体验,但如果你早已有了一台PS4游戏机,你只需再行花上400美元(大约2780人民币)之后能转入VR世界。

2016 has been the year of VR and as such many alternatives to Sony’s creation exist. 2016年是VR年,因此除了索尼之外,还有许多其他的自由选择。High-end offerings like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, as well as mobile options like Samsung’s Gear VR, will get your head in the game.HTC Vive、Oculus Rift等高端头显产品,以及三星的Gear VR眼镜等移动设备,都能让你全身心地投放游戏中。Wireless headphones无线耳机Combining ease of use with the ability to move *uninhibited around your home, gym or workplace, wireless headphones just make sense. 用于非常简单,能在家、健身房或工作场所中不受限制地权利移动,这就是用于无线耳机的意义。

And there are plenty of *viable options to suit any budget. 无线耳机还有大量不切实际的自由选择来符合有所不同支出的市场需求。The Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones are definitely worth a test drive, though. 而博士 QuietComfort 35 无线耳机意味著有一点一中举。The full-size, around-ear Bluetooth headphones feature active noise cancellation and double as a headset for making phone calls. 这种大尺寸的包耳式蓝牙耳机能有效地阻隔噪音,并且还能作为打电话用的耳麦。

They’ve even earned the Editor’s Choice award at Cnet.com and can be snapped up for less than $400 online. 这款耳机甚至还取得了科技资讯网的编辑自由选择奖,而它的网购价还严重不足400美元。Beats has worked its way firmly into the market and its Studio Wireless headphones are a popular choice, especially as you can now find them much cheaper than their original $379 asking price by searching around online.Beats在市场上早已占有了一席之地,而它的Studio Wireless 耳机也大受欢迎,特别是在现在还能在网上寻找比原价379美元更加较低的价格。Digital cameras数码相机While your phone is a worthy *sidekick, there’s no substitute for a real camera when it comes to taking the perfect picture. 尽管你的手机是个好帮手,但要想要照出一些极致的照片,还是没什么能匹敌一部确实的照相机。And these days you can get quality specifications in a package that’s almost as small as your smartphone. 如今,你只需带上一个完全和智能手机差不多大小的包在,之后能取得高品质规格的照片。

The *sleek design of the Fujifilm X70, $699 (4,850 yuan), makes it the perfect companion, or you could go *retro with the Olympus PEN-F ($1,200) that offers old school looks alongside cutting edge technology. 售价699美元(大约4850人民币)、设计时髦的富士X70照相机就是你的最佳搭档,或者你也可以自由选择传统外表与前端科技结合的奥林巴斯PEN-F 照相机(售价1200美元),回头一发复古范。Domestically, it’s worth checking out Xiaomi’s mirrorless Yi M1 for a more affordable option. 在国内市场上,小米的Yi M1无反照相机有一点注目,它的价格也更为经济。

With a high-end 20-megapixel sensor and the ability to host multiple lenses, it’s available from just 2,199 yuan.这款照相机备有高端的2000万像素的传感器,并能配上多种镜头用于,而它的价格只需2199元起。Smartwatches智能手表Watches, thanks to the *advent of the mobile phone, were in danger of becoming a little bit *redundant. 由于手机的经常出现,手表之后变得有些多余了。Not anymore though, now that watches can more or less act as a second screen for your smartphone. 但现在已并非如此,如今,手表可以作为智能手机的第二个屏幕。The quest for fitness has also helped the watch industry push forward, with timepieces like the Nixon Mission Smartwatch ($400) now on the market. 出于健美的市场需求也让手表产业向前迈向,诸如尼克松Mission 智能手表(售价400美元)等钟表现上市。

Built for adventure, but with a stylish *exterior, it runs Google’s Android Wear software, but is *compatible with iPhones. 它专门冒险而设计,具有时尚的外形,运营谷歌的Android Wear操作系统,但也能和苹果手机相容。FitBit has been a leader in the sporty wearable field, and its new swim-proof Fitbit Flex 2 ($130) represents the best in the way of today’s fitness bands. FitBit仍然是运动配件领域的领导者,而它近期的透气智能手环Fitbit Flex 2 (售价130美元)代表了现今健美品牌的最佳设计。It has a removable tracker that fits into other bands, bracelets or *pendants – so you can continue to track your movements a little more *conspicuously.这款产品的追踪器部分可被拆除,并可配上其他手环、手链或是挂件 —— 所以你需要以一种更为醒目的方式来记录你的运动数据。



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